Check Website Loading Speed on Different Browsers, Country Locations

If you have a traffic from various countries, or your site or blog is hosted in a different country from where most visitors come from, it is useful to see how long it takes to load your web pages and blog posts. lets you test and find out how fast your (or any) website loads in a real browser from over 50 locations worldwide.

Find How Fast your Blog, Site Loads with Different Browsers and Various Country Locations

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Simply enter the full URL of the page you want to check, and the page is retrieved by any browser at a random location. After that run you can choose a specific location and any other browser to recheck how your site loads in a different country through any browser.

Check Website Loading Speed on Different Browsers, Country Locations

The result will show you the loading time of the webpage, snapshots of the webpage at different times during loading, errors or warnings if they occur. A complete timing break down of loading of all elements of your page in a waterfall chart which you can download as the timing results in the Http Archive (HAR) format.
It is an unique and free tool which checks your site with real browsers. You can choose from Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox browser profiles. It checks your site from over 50 different visitor locations and also provides snapshots and waterfall charts for each check. It also shows if your site has any javascript, html errors.

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