Embed Google Analytics Reports, Charts Data Live On Website, Blog Pages

As you know Google Analytics doesn’t let the users to embed its metrics anywhere in the web. But still you can show it on your site using a third web service called Embedded Analytics. It uses your Google Analytics account data metrics by Analytics API and embed google analytics reports, charts live on your site.

You just have to authenticate for first time connect. The result will be shown in a stunning graphics with page views, bounce rate, traffic details in vertical, horizontal bars. The service includes both free and paid plans. The only limitation for free plan is you can’t add more than one profile to your account.

Embed Google Analytics Reports, Graphs on Your Site

Step 1 : Go to EmbeddedAnalytics.com(Link) and click on the "Try It" link to get started.
Step 2 : A page appears and prompt you to grant third party access to google analytics. Simply click on the "Grant Access to Google Analytics" button.

Step 3 : You Google Analytics accoubt will ask for confirmation, click on the "Grant Access" button.

Step 4 : Choose the account and then select the chart type from vertical, horizontal, Area, Pie. Finally click on "Submit".

Step 5 : Select the parameters for the live report to be shown. Here the Metric as total visit, Dimension as monthly and time frame for all time are selected. Click on the "Continue" to proceed.

Step 6 : Now the Report Attributes page lets you adjust the display style settings. Change the title font, sub title font, time frame, width and more to show the metric as you like and hit the "Submit" button.

Step 7 : Wait for few minutes while it’s trying to retrieve all the data from your Analytics account. Once retrieved, it will show you the report in a stunning, flash frame. And ofcourse it’s live not an image.

Step 8 : But you can’t get the html code until you’ve created a free account in Embedded Analytics. To get signed up, simply click on the "Pricing&Signup" link and proceed with the steps. You can choose the free plan which is good enough.

Step 9 : Now go to your account and browse the profile you’ve added. Then click on the Edit link and then Get HTML code button. Copy/paste the code on your site anywhere you want to embed.

So that’s it. Enjoy and let your readers know how much visitors daily surf your site for useful contents.

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  1. hmmm...why we use from other service?
    google have ready on brooo (halah)

  2. Randy Benedict8:20 AM


    But there is no way to embed the charts into a site - you need to logon to Google Analytics.

  3. @ Beben Koben and Randy Benedict :
    thanks for visit and comments



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