How to Work More Efficiently Online Without Feeling Tired

There’s nothing quite like life online. The missing file, the typos, the data issues, a maze of spreadsheets which could have driven Pythagoras to take up pro football, it’s all there. The high work rate is another issue. You can be focused to the point of being a sort of human microscope, working on web design or a special feature on booklet printing for a website in Bulgaria.

Tips for Working Online All Day and Staying Mentally Fit

Sanity- It Could Happen…

Guest Post by Sachin.
The problem, as a matter of fact, is being compressed into a space, physical and mental. If you’re doing 16 hour days, which is pretty common with freelancers, that needs to be managed. Your mind is being kept very busy, but it’s also building up a backlog of other issues, like having a life. If you’re a creative person as well, it can interfere with projects and create some tensions when you’re trying to get anything done with other people in these areas.
This backlog can include anything from basic shopping to relationships. It’s not the work which drives you up the wall. That, you’ve usually got under control. It’s the big hole in basic life management which gets on your nerves, with good reason. The trick is to arrange your work and your life in a working model where you’re not glued to the screen at the expense of your real needs.
The secret is time management. Create a targeted work routine which allows some space for your other interests. Above all, take a break from the screen regularly. You need to clear out the residues of “work mode”, ironically, particularly when you’re working.

The Physical Issues of Working Online

Do you get regular headaches? Dizzy? Mysterious aches? Difficulty sleeping? These are quite normal symptoms of overwork. The work creates a series of “pseudo exercises” where you can be hunched over for hours. It can actually affect your digestion. It can also affect your health. This is a “sedentary” occupation in terms of physical health.
The problem is that sitting in front of a screen is really not great for your muscles, breathing, or circulation.
There’s a lot you can do about it:
·     Get out of the chair at least every half hour for at least 5 minutes. This will improve your circulation, and prevents “furniture arthritis” from sitting in a fixed position for too long.
·     Check your ergonomics. If you’re experiencing wrist, elbow or shoulder pains, you’re typing a lot, and in a bad ergonomic routine.
·     Check your chair. Old chairs lose their balance as a result of posture. If the chair’s more than 5 years old, it’s probably due for replacement.
·     Glare issues: If the screen seems too bright, turn down the screen and/or increase the lighting of the room. (Lack of ambient light makes the screen look much brighter, particularly after you’ve been working all day.)
·     Get fit playing games: exercise, play console games
·     Check out some amazing self improvement websites to get some motivation.

Feeling physically better will make you feel mentally better, and feeling mentally better will reduce the physical “oppression” of long days of hard work.

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