Show Unread Notifications for Gmail, Reader on Google Plus Nav-Bar

The black navigation bar which Google shows at the top might be useful to quickly access various tools and services provided by Google. Now it shows the Notifications from your Google+ account and also lets you share and respond direct from it.

A productive implementation on the Google Nav Bar will be if notifications for unread counts in your Gmail Inbox and new unread items on Google Reader, are shown directly on Plus Bar (see below).
(Google+ Enhancer Adds Unread Item Counts for Gmail, Reader, and Calendar to Google+ Bar)
Fortunately, there is a Greasemonkey script called Google+ Enhancer <link> which adds notification with unread counts beside the links to Gmail, Reader or Calendar. 

The way it’s done is by adding a little red box to each tab on the Google top bar, with the unread count in it. This follows the style of the Google+ notifications, which provides for a simple and clean look.

This script now works on all pages that are accessible from the top bar. In addition to Google+, Gmail, Reader, Docs and Calendar, the script will now show notifications on the following products as well: iGoogle, Web, Images, Videos, News and Maps.

One drawback is that you need to have an active session in Gmail etc for the notifications to show up. (A good tip is to pin your Gmail and Reader as an app-tab in Firefox.)

Links : Greasemonkey (for Firefox) | Google+ Enhancer

Chrome users, just need to visit the script homepage and click on install button. And if you’d like to change the color of the bar from black to any other colour of your choice, you  can using the Color Plus extension (chrome only).

Added tip, also check out Surplus extension for chrome which can let you view recent Google+ notifications and add profiles from these notifications to your circles.

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