2 Easy DIY Paper iPhone iPod Stand, Cardboard Dock for SmartPhones

I have always been a fan of DIY (do it yourself) stuff. Last time we posted about how to make toys from junk and today I would like to share one of of my favourites, to make and iphone paper stand,
the one you can easily make by using a cut-out from a stiff card paper and folding it up to make a stand to dock your iphone, ipad or any smartphone you carry.
An advantage of these cardboard paper stand for iphone etc are not only simple to make, but also easy to carry around in your wallet/purse or create as many as you want or give them away as gifts or like a business card for your company etc.

2 Simple DIY Portable, Cardboard Paper Stand for iPhone, Smartphones 

1. iPhone Paper Dock DIY by Folding Card Paper

Dessinemoiunobjet created this really cool cardboard paper iphone stand idea, where you can download the PDF template, print it out on card paper and cut it then fold it to create this beautiful looking iphone stand within a few minutes.

Though, it was free earlier but now you have to buy the template from the author’s fiverr gig at 5$. But if you look at the designs above and at the author’s site and the video tutorial below then I think its quite easy to create one yourself from scratch using your own design idea.

2. Cool iPhone, iPod Cardboard Stand, Dock

Check out this really cool cardboard stand by Geeky-Gadgets.com for smartphones made very easily by folding a cardboard paper cut-out which can downloaded from their site at this link.

They have designed it in such a manner so that the iPhone, iPod dock cable gives it extra stability, and its really easy to place and remove your iPhone off the dock, just like any real one. Watch the video below to see how its made from the cut-out.

Bonus : Simple Paper Clip iPhone, Mobile Stand

This one’s worth a share because in the past few months, this stand by deanying.com has become one of the very popular DIY iphone stands due to its sheer simplicity and portability. Check out their step by step tutorial video guide of converting a simple paper clip into a cheap stand for your iPhone, smartphone.
If you do the bending properly, then this is one of the most minimal diy iphone stands out there and it looks sleek can compact, and you can find paper clips everywhere. You might even create a bigger version for your ipad using hangar wire which works quite well.
You can also visit seskimo.com to get some ideas to make portable pocket stands out of cardboard or credit cards or buy them from there.

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