AppDok: Get Site Notifications, Install Useful Apps on your Browser

AppDok is an apps platform, which helps users to get a delightful browsing experience. AppDok works on every major browser – Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

AppDok : Very Useful In-Browser Application Platform for Browsers

You can try AppDok by getting it for your browser at

How AppDok Works ?

Your AppDok is always available to you on all websites you visit – at the top left corner of the screen. When not in use, it’s always hidden and does not obstructs your browsing.

When you take your mouse over to the AppDok, it will expand to show all the Apps you have added. AppDok opens when you hover your mouse on it

Find New Cool Apps for AppDok

Each AppDok comes with a few pre-installed apps. You can always add and remove more apps from the AdoMado AppStore, which has more than 300 apps as of now. These apps can range from zooming photos on Facebook to instant messaging on GTalk.
Some examples apps I liked available in AppStore…

·  Multi Search on Google (searches Bing)

Example of the Youtube Downloader App from AppDok

Instant Site Notifications

Once you have AppDok, you can receive instant notifications about everything you care about.
For example, you are on and a friend posted something on your Facebook wall, you get an instant notification right there on You can choose to click on the notification and goto the wall post or you can completely ignore it.

The same notifications are also available for your favourite blogs. For example, you like to follow the news from Engadget Mobile website – but going back to Engadget website every 5 minutes to check for latest news is not possible.
However, if you have AppDok – just add the Engadget App and get instant notifications about latest news as it gets posted on Engadget Mobile website.

Get New Apps for your AppDok

There are more than 300 apps in various categories, which you can add to your AppDok from the AppStore. To add a new app, follow these steps.
Step 1. Open your AppDok and click on the "Add More Apps" icon (small green + button).
Step 2. Select "Add more Apps" from the next dialog.
Step 3. Search for any app for eg: "Engadget"
Step 4. Click "Add App" to add Engadget’s live notifications.
Step 5. You will instantly start receiving updates from Engadget Mobile.

I used it for some time and liked it a lot. It handles notifications from facebook, gmail etc very well. The youtube downloader is also working fine. Its recommended that you give a try, and also check out their app store for some interesting apps.

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