Save WebPages as Full-Page HD Screenshot Images or Download as PDF

There are many free service and tools which allow you to download webpages as pdf from the browser itself. But the one I found as particularly very useful as an extension for your browser are ones provided by iWeb2Shot.
Simply install their browser plugin and you and easily convert an on-screen webpage into a high-resolution .png image or in any other suitable format. Else you can save the page as a PDF file. (useful for reading those long articles later)

While saving webpages as images, choose "Screen" to capture the full-length screenshot of the webpage. Or you can choose a portion of the screen with the set resolution. 

While saving a webpage as PDF, you can choose between the paper sizes for when you need to print them and the orientation like landscape or portrait. You can avoid images or backgrounds or any color (greyscale) in the final PDF.

► Install for your Browser Chrome Extension | Firefox Add-On
They also provide a bookmarklet and an online service to do the same and several other useful service on their main site. The browser plugins pull in resources from their servers, so they will not work if you are offline.

Guest Post by Debajyoti Das for Snaphow.Com

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