Legong and Baris Dance

This dance tells the story of Princess Rangkesari who is held captive against her will by king Laksmi. Rangkesari’s brother, prince Daha, gathers an army together to rescue his sister.
Princess Rangkesari then tries to persuade Laksmi to let her go to avoid a war, but he denies her freedom. On his way to battle, Daha is attacked by a raven, a bad omen, and is later killed in battle.
The dance only takes the story up to the point where the king departs for battle, and it is performed by three people, two Legongs and their attendant, the ‘Condong’. The Legong is a very Classical and graceful dance, and is always performed by prepubescent girls, often as young as eight or nine years old.


This is warrior’s dance. It is usually performed by men, either solo or in a group of five or more. The dancers try to portray the full range of emotions displayed by a warrior-anger, courage, ferocity and passion.. This dance requires great skill, with the artist having to display the whole range of inner emotions, mainly through facial expression.

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