Mekare-kare of Tenganan Bali

Pandanus Fight at Tenganan Pegringsingan village is a famous place as a history civilization museum Bali. Where’s the community obey to the Awig - awig ( Balinese rules )
such as married only with man or woman in their village, no divorce, traditional architecture of house, thatch roof, and soil fence.
This village become one of the Bali Tours direction and culture destination since 1980.
There is a unique tradition where mans fight using “ Pandanus ” leaves, they called it Mekare-kare.
This ritual is presenting to Dewa Indra ( God of War ). They’re believe that long time ago Dewa Indra as delegate of gods success destroy mythical gigantic demon named Mayadenawa. Mekare-kare usually held in Sasih Kelima ( Balinese calendar ), it is around June and July. The participant could be young, old, or children. No preparation for fighting just one thing, courage.
Before the fight begins they drink Tuak, Balinese alcohol drink with sweet taste and sour sensation using the banana leaves. This sacred fight use pandanus, green leaves full of sharp thorns on both side and shield from rattan. No cloths covering the body, they only using sarong. Body injuries but no anger no grudge its part of holy ritual. The Balinese medicine made from turmeric, galangal and vinegar to treat the wounds. After the fighting they sit down together enjoy Balinese food and drink as symbol of togetherness and chumminess or called ” Megibung

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