Museum Le Mayeur

Le Mayeur Museum is located in the tourist area of Sanur Beach, Denpasar, Bali Province. The museum was originally the home of a Belgian national artist named Adrien Jean Le Mayeur. Le mayeur is a descendant of the Swedish nobleman who dare leave the house because it is prohibited by the family to develop the talent of painting. Le mayeur then decided to travel the world and finally arrived in Bali in 1932 through the port in the town of Singaraja. Shortly afterwards he proceeded to settle in the city of Denpasar and Sanur beach area.

Le Mayeur was originally intended to visit only for eight months. But seeing the beauty of nature and beauty of Balinese dancers, Le mayeur conceived to establish a home and studio painting at the edge of Sanur Beach. A dancer named Ni Nyoman Polok legong which became the model of his paintings made him fall in love. Le Mayeur later marry. They eventually married.

The story of their lives quite touching. Ni Nyoman Polok actually really want to have children from her marriage with Le Mayeur. But it was rejected by her husband. The reason is because Ni Nyoman Polok is a model of the painting. It is feared that her beauty will be lost when she was pregnant and later gave birth.So the couple did not have offspring until the end of his life.

The house and studio painting that was founded on the shores of Sanur Beach Lemayeur later dedicated as a museum. Through a will, written in 1957, it was agreed that if the couple Le Mayeur-Ni Nyoman Polok has died, so their house in Sanur Beach will be submitted to the government as a museum.

The work of Le Mayeur number reached 88 and made between the year 1921 until 1957. His works were created in various media. Not only on canvas, her paintings also made on the media hardboard, plywood, paper, even the sack. This is because Le Mayeur tdilakukan trouble getting shipments canvas of Sweden during the Japanese occupation.

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