Uluwatu Temple with sea view

You probably never imagined a religious complex built on a steep cliff that jutted into the sea. But if you visit Luhur Uluwatu Temple, on the southern part of the Badung regency, Bali, undoubtedly you will be amazed because of its location chuckle actually built on top of the cliff as high as + 97 meters above sea level (asl).

Of course, not only sacred and religious atmosphere that can be enjoyed by people who want to worship or tour the place, but also the stunning scenery.
Luhur Pura Uluwatu is one of pretending to have a status as Goda Sad Jagat Pura, which is one of the temple which is considered as a support pivot point on the island of Bali, while others are Pura Besakih,
Pura Luhur Lempuhyang, Pura Goa Lawah, Luhur Batukaru Pura and Pura Jagat Pusering. Uluwatu in Sanskrit means to "top rock" (ulu = peak / edge / top, while watu = stone). This name of course refers to the location of the temple which is at the top of the cliff.

According to local stories, this temple has been built since the 11th century by mpu Kuturan. At that time, Pura Uluwatu Luhur become a place of worship for the god Rudra to beg for salvation. In addition to building a temple, mpu Kuturan also believed to have passed rules and order for indigenous villages around the temple which is still known today. Four centuries later, around the 16th century, Dang Hyang Nirartha, a disseminator of the Hindu East Java decided to moksa (or re-united with keharibaan gods) in this temple. In the local language is also called ngeluhur moksa. That is why, the name of Pura Uluwatu then equipped with noble words, become Luhur Pura Uluwatu.

Pura Uluwatu Luhur pesanakan has several temples, namely the temple which has strong links to the main temples. Pretending pesanakan include Bajurit Pura, Pura Pererepan, toadstool Pura, Pura Dalem Selonding, and Pura Dalem Pangleburan. Pretending is directly related to Pura Uluwatu Luhur at Piodalan, namely the cult of Sang Hyang Widi which takes place every 210 days, on Tuesday Kliwon wuku Medangsia.

Luhur Uluwatu Temple located on the bridge high rocks that jutted into the Indian Ocean. In contrast to the views of Tanah Lot is built on a coral island in the middle of the sea, in this place, tourists can witness the extent of the Indian Ocean with the sound of waves that hit the foot of the cliff Uluwatu. If you are interested in an excursion to this temple, you should come in the afternoon before sunset. Because, charm sunset (sunset) with a background silhouette of Pura Uluwatu Luhur credible second to none on the island of Bali.

When down a path which is long enough to Pura Uluwatu, with the concrete fence on the side of the cliff, visitors can scan to see the hills rock, and a clear expanse of sea. However, tourists should be careful on the ignorant monkeys that roam the roads leading to the temple. These apes supposedly trusted as the sanctity of the temple guards. However, not infrequently they also took the belongings of visitors, such as glasses, hats, earrings, hair tie, and other items. If you already cheated, you can redeem the goods by providing snacks at the apes.

Before entering the temple, tourists obliged to wear special clothing, the sarong for those who wear pants or skirts above the knee, and scarves for tourists who wear pants or skirts below the knee. Sarongs and scarves yellow (salempot) symbolizing respect for the sanctity of the temple, as well as binding implies bad intentions in life.

After entering the temple jabaan (pages outside the temple), tourists will be greeted by a temple gate Bentar bird's wing-shaped curve. Gate into the entrance to the middle jabaan This is one of the archaeological remains of the 16th century. To reach the temple innards, you will pass in front of Temple Kurung that there is a statue of the temple guards (dwarapala) with statues of Ganesh. However, to respect the sanctity of the temple, visitors are not allowed to enter the main hall of worship, because only Hindus will pray only allowed to enter it. Inside the main temple hall, there is a Prasada, that is where Dang Hyang moksanya Nirartha.

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