Optimal Keyword Density for Web Content – How Much ?

A massive problem when building up your web sites SEO profile, is deciding on how many times you nee to incorporate your keywords into the body text of your site. This is actually something that you need to be really careful about, and is one of the most common mistakes that people make when building a site. 

Optimal Keyword Density for Web ContentIncreasing Keyword Density across your Web Page can incur a penalty in Google’s algorithm. Identifying which keywords you want to target is your first responsibility, but you need to be careful not to go for too many, and this is our first problem. When you are isolated to target only a couple of different key phrases you could fall into the trap of repeating these far too many times! This is where your penalty can be incurred and you could be in trouble.
Unfortunately there is no actual amount that you should always stick too, but there are guidelines around. SEOs regularly argue about what the ideal keyword density is for your site to be fully optimized, but there is rarely any agreement.
Some believe that it is OK to use mass keyword density (where in some points you are actually spamming your own page) and others believe that less is better! When you over do keyword stuffing on your page you could find yourself hit with a little tap from Google. They are likely to drop your website out of Google’s SERPS completely, as a fair warning to you. The problem is that some beginners do not notice this and will tend to leave the page as it is, panicking that something else has happened!
Try not to worry too much, you can quite easily fix this by cleaning up your content! Now this is the shocker, and how much many of us in the SEO world recommend as keyword density in percentage. One keyword term should only take up about 2.5 – 3% of your overall text. Anything more than this and it does begin to look like you are forcing it.
That means that in this 400 word article, you should only mention one keyword phrase between 8 and 10 times at most. This even begins to looks a bit dodgy, but 3% is recommended as the maximum! Someone once suggested on a Blog that I regularly read that Keyword Density should be between 8-10%, Do Not Listen to this person, it is a ridiculous concept, and is more than likely not going to help your site in any way!

About Author : Mark C works for a Caribbean holidays Tour Operator heading up the SEO team!

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