Simple Yet Powerful To-Do-List Manager Using Google Tasks in Chrome

There are almost thousands of Task lists apps and tools you can use from your mobile, desktop etc. But if you like simplicity then you should try "Google Task" which you might have seen already in Gmail Tasks.
Google released an official chrome extension which makes it easy for you to add tasks lists to your Google Task right from the browser itself.

Google Task Extension – <Install>

3 Ways to Add To-Do-List to Google Tasks from Chrome Browser

1. Using the Tasks Button : After you install the extension and you authorize the extension to access your Google account, a tick mark icon comes beside the chrome address bar.

Click it to open a window that lets you add tasks. You can use + the button to add a task. You can also drag tasks to arrange them in order according to your choice.

2. Using Chrome Address bar (Omnibar) : You can also add tasks by directly typing it into the address bar. Simple type in t and press space and you can type in your task and press enter to add it.

One you add a task you get a taskbar popup notification as you task is added to your Google Tasks.

3. Saving Selected Text On Page as Task : You can select text on a web page like in an email or an address or phone numbers and right click to add it to your Google Tasks list.

Now the cool thing about adding tasks to Google Tasks is its stored in your account and thus you can access it from anywhere. From your mobile device, desktop, work pc etc. So basically the task list is easily accessible and stays with you at all times.
Although I prefer the Checker Plus extension which uses Google Calendar API, the advantage of using Google Calendar as your To Do list manager is that you can set timer alerts, notifications for the tasks you’ve added. Read our post about how toget desktop notifications for Google calendar events etc.

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