Recall Websites Visited Earlier, Browsing History in Firefox Easily

We make a lot of searches everyday through Google and other sites and visit many sites. We sometimes search for things that we searched earlier. Browser history saves us in these cases. Just type any keyword in the address bar and the browser happily shows you the sites you have visited earlier. If you have a lot of history file check out how to clear and manage history in Firefox 4. 

However, there are some situations browser histories will not help you. For example, you would have previously searched for the term "fried blueberry pancake" and if you accidentally remember it as "fried raspberry pancake", browser history won’t return any result. This is because, browser history searches the complete keywords and not the part of it.

This is where the Recall Monkey add-on for Firefox comes in. Recall Monkey Firefox add on makes Firefox history search more useful by searching in a new way. If you have watched search engines, they search not only complete keywords but also the part of the keywords. Recall monkey Firefox add on works exactly in the same way.

Select "Recall Monkey" from the "File" menu in the old menu bar or press Ctrl + Alt + M in your keyboard to activate this add on and start searching for Firefox History. Unfortunately this add on doesn’t support Firefox menu button. There are options to filter search results based on the "Time Range".

Install Recall Monkey : <Add-On Link>

This is a no-restart add-on, just install and you’re ready to go.
Guest Post by Girish, who blogs about latest news and features about all the browsers.  Don’t forget to check his review post on what is new in Firefox 6.

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