Save Any Online File, Image Directly to Dropbox, Google Docs, Flickr

Basically I like backing up most of the important documents I download by uploading them to my Dropbox. Also some times I upload them to Google Docs for editing etc. For image I mostly upload them to Picasaweb or Flickr and share the funny ones on Facebook.

But what I mostly have to do is download them first then re-upload them again especially the images, photos. A better and productive solution would be to save the files directly into my online cloud accounts.

Cloud Save is a useful chrome browser plugin which lets you save any file url link directly into your cloud accounts like Google Docs,, Dropbox, Amazon Cloud Drive, SugarSync, Facebook, Picasa, Flickr,, Twitpic and more (see screenshot above).

Install Cloud Save <Webstore Link>

After installing this extension in your browser, right-click on any element of a web page (file, document, photo, video, etc.) and new context menu item appears in which you can select any of the list of online storage services available and save that file directly into your account. Nice and easy.

I have seen a similar kind of feature in FluffyApp, which is an easy tray app. to upload files via drag drop, that uploads images and files when you drag and drop them from your web browser into the tray icon, which then uploads them your Cloudapp account.
Another tip I’d like to share is, if you cloud account application creates a synced local folder on your computer (just like dropbox does), you can drag and drop images from a webpage into this folder to directly upload them.

Also check out this desktop app. Joukuu which lets you manage all your cloud based files from your desktop across multiple type of cloud accounts like dropbox, google docs, box etc.

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