TCFast Converts TechCrunch to the Old Design & Other Useful Themes

If you don’t like the new redesign of TechCrunch, then I have found an useful tool to help you if you visits this hugely popular tech site a lot.
Some unknown designer created this site which creates a dynamic version of TechCrunch into 4 different designs which look like the New York Times (NytCrunch), Google+ (Crunch Plus), Hacker News and the Old TC Design.

and choose the design that suits you. I found the Google+ theme particularly useful because just like your News stream in Plus, you can filter posts by category, author etc (thanks to WordPress) and the creative coding by whoever created this site.
The older version <link> works flawlessly and the site looks just like the one before redesign. Similarly, NYT and the Hacker News versions have their own perks.

On viewing the source you will see that the site pages have  noindex, nofollow meta tags on every page so they are not stealing content from TechCrunch, so I don’t think TC will have a big problem with this site… though their ads are not visible here.
You can also check out services like Tidyread that serves the minimal version of a website, which loads easily and your bandwidth is not wasted on loading ads, widgets etc.

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