Top 5, Best Free Apps for Windows Phone 7 [Daily Productivity]

Just like Windows 7 became the fastest selling operating system for desktop PCs, Windows Phone 7 is one of the fastest growing mobile operating system with a tough competition from Android and iOS. Windows Phone 7 has reached many milestones in the mobile operating system, with its excellent support for everything right from video playback, games, document editing, internet browsing, market place apps and more.
The Windows phone 7 app developers have already noted that creating apps for Windows Phone 7 is easier than creating apps for any other mobile operating system platform such as Android or iOS. When you take android operating system, it’s an open source and people find it buggy when compared to the Windows Phone 7 OS. The SDK and other tools from Microsoft are easier than Android or iOS SDK. As Windows Phone 7 is heavily marketed as an enterprise-ready OS, there are a lot of useful apps to manage tasks, time and money.

Top 5 Productivity Apps for Windows Phone 7

Here is a list of best and useful Windows Phone 7 apps that includes apps on entertainment, productivity, fun and much useful for daily activities. If you own a Windows Phone 7 device, then here is the list of apps that you should have:

»  Evernote
Busy business, lot of to-do, needs a proper scheduler for your life? Then, Evernote is what all you need. You don’t need to have a secretary following you around all day putting order in your life. Just use Evernote to take care of all your notes, remember what all you want to do, the snapshots you’ve taken, the recordings you’ve watched and sync everything on the cloud. Using Evernote, you can sync your phone, tablet to your desktop PC – Windows, Mac etc.

With Evernote for Windows Phone 7 you can create notes in text, audio, even photos. Evernote for Windows Phone 7 also displays Notebook Stacks and hierarchical tags. You can easily create new note just by creating a title, tap on the pencil icon to select a notebook and tag, and then fill in the body of the note. When you’re done, tap on the floppy disk to save.
You can also snap a photo and it attaches to a note. You can then compose a note related to image or just tap save. Once you’ve saved all the notes, you can easily find them just by easy browsing of notes, or Evernote has some amazing search capabilities – It has two search options. Previous search and Saved search. The previous search shows a list of recent searches that you’ve performed and Saved Search shows searches that you’ve saved on a desktop or web version of Evernote.
With the help of Microsoft’s Bing Maps technology you can map your notes, also lets you easily share your notes to Facebook friends or social networking sites. If you’re a premium user, then you can download entire notes for offline access. To download, just search for “Evernote” using the Marketplace application on your Windows Phone 7.

»  HomePipe
With Homepipe you can easily access all your desktop files from your mobile phone using Wi-Fi connection. You can tap into your HomePipe account on your phone and access all the files on your computer without the hassle of uploading, syncing or using cloud storage.

For example, if you want to listen to some music on your desktop or upload, download files to or from your computer, HomePipe App for Windows Phone 7 gives you full-time access to all of your files and media on your home or work computer from anywhere, anytime.
Once you’ve downloaded and signed up on Homepipe account for free, simple connect the homepipe app and access the files from your work or home network through your mobile phone by sitting in some coffee shop. With HomePipe, there is no storage limit or file size restrictions because HomePipe leverages your existing storage. And, HomePipe ensures your privacy and security as you decide who has access to what file or folder.

» Password Padlock
Mobile payment gateway has been growing rapidly with banking solutions and online marketplace providing users to pay for goods via their mobile phones. So obviously, a strong secure password manager for mobile phones has become necessary.

Password Padlock for Windows Phone 7 is an application for securely storing passwords on the phone. A single master password of the user’s choosing is used to encrypt all the other passwords in the collection using AES encryption. The master password is never stored on the phone.
Good user interface and works well on Windows Phone 7 especially loved the way they have integrated browsing experience around categories. You can simply save all your passwords for accounts right from Amazon, Banking/Financial, Credit cards, Software etc.

» Group Text 
Text messaging – If you’re a person who uses a lot of text messaging to contact group of people, then here is a useful for sending group text messaging. With this tiny app for Windows Phone 7 you can easily send group texts with just single tap.

Group SMS allows you to create groups of your contacts and send them SMS anytime. You can simply organize your groups and contacts, Save commonly used messages for future use and add as many groups as you’d like with as many members as you’d like. You can differentiate groups with various colours.

» Smart Shopping 
Organizing your shopping list becomes easy with Smart Shopping app for Windows Phone 7. It lets you to easily organize your shopping list by store name, item name. Note down all your shopping items; share your shopping list with your friends and family. With Smart Shopping, once you’ve shared your shopping list with your friends or family, you can be updating the list together while shopping.

Features of Smart Shopping includes easy-to-use item suggestion menu, full aisle customization, shopping history, list emailing, favourites lists, an advanced store manager that lets you create different aisles and product lists for different stores, cloud-based list sharing, and much more.
Guest Post by Srivathsan, a geek and writes about Best Android Photo Apps among other things at Check out his blog to read more.
If you’re using a Windows Phone 7 device and find some other app very much useful to you in your daily routine, then let us know through comments section.

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