5 Awesome Remote Assistance Programs, Tools [Free PC Software]

Whenever there’s a tool, software or program that you need, there is usually a free version of it that you can download or use on a free trial basis. The good thing about making use of such tools is that you can ‘test drive’ the tool, software or program and see if it is a good fit for what you need. 

One example is a remote assistance software. First, let’s have a quick look at how it works. As the name implies, a remote assistance software is a program that you can use to provide technical assistance to another person and make as if you are sitting right in front of the same computer being used. If person A, for example, is having problems with his computer and person B is offering the remote assistance. With the help of a remote assistance software, person B will be able to see the same things that person A is seeing on his or her computer. 

Sometimes, this type of assistance is needed because it is quite difficult totroubleshoot a windows problem if you do not see what is on the computer screen or desktop or what the error actually looks like. Another case when remote assistance proves to be handy is when you are working away from your home computer or you might need your virtual assistants to work on your computer. With the help of a remote assistance software, you can access your own files as if you are using the same computer that you have at home. 

Top 5 Free Tools for Offering Remote Assistance to PC 

Now that you already have an idea about the basics of using a remote assistance software, which free tools online are the best ones that you can use? Take a look at the following list: 

# AnyPlace Control [url

AnyPlace Control is a secure, reliable and cost-effective software which has a free downloadable version. The system works as a fast, secure and easy way to remotely control your computer on a LAN or over the Internet. AnyPlace Control has great features like giving you the ability to perform remote desktop control on your local screen in real time; remote PC file transfer; online account connection; and security standard encryption. For those who are looking at remote assistance as a way to work remotely, they can do so using the Work from Home feature of AnyPlace Control. 

# DualDesk [url

Dual Desk is a remote assistance software which also has a free downloadable version. It serves as a powerful, easy-to-use ad hoc remote support software which lets you offer technical assistance to a person who is in another location. You can also use DualDesk to transfer files, chat, auto-reconnect and reboot a system in real time, remotely. 

# Remote Assistance in Windows XP [url

If you’re using a Windows XP computer and you would like to make use of the remote assistance feature, you can do so through the technology provided specifically by Microsoft. Through Remote Assistance, one user can act as the Expert while another can act as the Novice. Once the Remote Assistance tool is utilized, the Expert can share, control and remotely resolve the issues of the Novice’s computer. 

# Remote Assistance Helper [url

Remote Assistance Helper is a free downloadable remote assistance software which allows you to keep track of the computer units which need support. What’s good about using this tool is that it relies on the functionality that is already built into Windows XP Pro – so there is no need for you to load any software on the remote machine that needs to be accessed or fixed. 

# Show My PC [url

ShowMyPC.com is the ultimate remote collaboration tool that allows you to gain access and remotely repair computers at another location. It has features like desktop sharing, remote PC access, desktop sharing and screen sharing. 
No matter what your remote assistance needs are, you can always rely on the Internet to give you access to free, downloadable tools that will help you work on a computer remotely – as if it is right there in front of you.

Guest Post by Nick, who blogs for Offshore Ally
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