Easily Move, Control Mouse Cursor with Keyboard [Software]

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by Debajyoti
Many times it happens that your keyboard or mouse stops responding, for times like this you can use windows to control mouse with keyboard, but default tool is not a very effective one.
Here is a small app. which will ket control mouse with keyboard with greater speed and accuracy.
Default : How to Enable Mouse Control With KeyBoard in Windows 
Windows XP : Press Alt+Shift+NumLock keys. Then you will receive a small MouseKey box. Click on Settings button, if you want to adjust the mouse cursor settings. 

Windows Vista, Seven : Go to Start > Control Panel > Ease of Access find and Click on to Make the mouse easier to use, then click Turn on Mouse Keys. For Settings click Set up Mouse Keys. 

Software : Easily Control Mouse Cursor with Keyboard 
MouseFIGHTER (Link) is a simple piece of software that gives you control of the screen pointer, using the keyboard instead of a mouse. Try controlling Windows with the keyboard alone ! Its so much more ergonomically correct for the human body. Watch how the pointer accelerates and moves diagonally as well. MouseFIGHTER is free to download and free to use. 

Works better that the default windows keyboard mouse tool, to make large jumps with the cursor. Jumpsize is measured in % of screensize and is marked by flashing circles. The circles are meant to home in on clickable items in a future release.

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  1. wah, artikelnya pakai bahasa inggris. saya agak sulit bacanya.

    wah, artikelnya pakai bahasa inggris. saya agak sulit bacanya.

  2. @Said Arsyad sama, yang penting ada gambarnya dipakai pedoman :z



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