Get Free Updates from Popular Newspapers, Blogs on Topics You Like

If you are looking for a free service that aggregates updates and news on the topics of your interest from popular newspapers, online magazines, journals and blogs. Then a new service called NewsDrink is the perfect tool for you.
This way you can easily keep in touch with all the recent developments in the areas of your interest without you having to do much searching or using complex desktop based newsreaders etc.

Get Updates, Find and Read Leading Publications on any Topic
Guest Post by Alok.

NewsDrink ( has really opened the floodgates – it’s like iTunes for your news but it’s free. Featuring an impressive pre-aggregated 30,000 sources on over 2000 topics, it is the perfect tonic for all the varied news junkies out there.

What I found really impressive with the site was its friendly and sleek user interface as well as its vast gamut of topics. Whether you’re a knitter or a fan of Arsenal or an automobile junkie, NewsDrink has already aggregated dozens of top blogs & more.

Once you visit the homepage click on the ‘Come On In’ button, to browse the list of categories you can subscribe, read at NewsDrink:

Since I’m a big fan of the recent Anna Hazare [+] movement, lets see how I can look at the Indian newspapers to see the latest happenings of the saga.
Click on Newspapers, and you will see that they have publications from 7 different countries. Select India. Then, there’s a wide array of languages, but I’m going to stick to English Newspapers.

There are many selections to choose from in this section. I chose to select Deccan Heraldbecause while I have The Times of India delivered to my house everyday to complement my morning tea, my friends tell me that the Deccan Herald is of high calibre as well.

Once I click Deccan Herald, I can individually select the sections I want. For the moment, I’ll take News, National and Sports. If I want to get news from other Indian newspapers, I can always come back and add sources.

Next click on "Go to Step 2" . I created a free account in less than ten seconds then started reading my news.
Here’s what the homepage looks like after you sign up: As you can see, I now get my fill of the happenings regarding the Lokpal Bill. When I click the read more button, NewsDrink directs me to the official page of Deccan Herald where I read the whole story.

NewsDrink also sends you an email everyday with all the new news from your sources – this all-in-one email sounds like it can cure inbox-overload for a lot of people. Right now, NewsDrink’s website, all-news-in-one-email and Android app are live. Their iPad, iPhone, and Blackberry apps will be launched soon as well as content for more countries.

While at first sight, I thought that it was just a fancy RSS reader, but NewsDrink has some neat variations. There’s a cool feature to see what your friends are reading and share your stories to them. This makes the entire experience more interactive and engrossing.
► Check out NewsDrink :

If you haven’t already collected dozens of newsfeeds for an RSS Reader, don’t bother – NewsDrink will save you a lot of time since they’ve pre-aggregated just about news source you’ll want to read. They also have by far the best-looking UI of any news aggregation service I’ve seen. Reading your news on many devices and via the optional email is also really handy.

I think just about anyone who reads news online is going to find it useful but tell me how you use it and what you think ! 

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