Remotely Manage, Control PC with Mobile Phone, iPhone

Nowadays, thanks to OS powered smart phones, a lot of apps have helps users to take mobile computing to the next level. There already remote desktop programs for PCs, mobiles and tablet devices.

But here is a new tool called PC in My Hand which will help to control pc with mobile remotely. 
PC in My Hand (Link) – Control PC with Mobile Phone 

Want to access your PC anytime, anywhere, but don’t like an always-on system? Now, with a few easy steps, PC in My Hand will help you realize your ideas: boot and control your system remotely from internet use your any mobile devices when you need it. Available for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile/PPC, Nokia/Symbian, Palm, ipad or other Notebook and more. 
  • Remote control – Turn your PC on remotely, as well as shut down, restart… 
  • Webcam capture – Keep a watchful eye on your office, house 
  • File transfer – Transfer your files between client device and remote PC 

You need to create an account and bind the settings. For the application to work, you need a PC with a wired network interface card (LAN card) that supports Wake on LAN and also a Router connected to Internet. 

After the setup you can connect to your router (modem) from (PC in My Hand)’s online app. from your mobile and use it to your benefit. Initial process of setting up PC in My Hand is quite long so you can read complete setup guide with screenshots here.

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